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1. choose a base wetsuit

one piece or

two piece

Two piece wetsuits are warmer than one piece wetsuits because they have double the insulation on your core (where you need it most). They are also more versatile because you have the option to take off the jacket & wear the long john by itself while you're mucking around on the boat. 

Our one piece, front-zip wetsuits are easier to put on than two-piece suits, & the two-way zipper means you can go to the bathroom without needing a comfort zip. 


#38, #39 or #45

Our entire range is made 100% from Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, the warmest lightest, most comfortable & most durable neoprene out there. Within the Yamamoto range there are different kinds of neoprene with different levels of stretch, comfort, durability & warmth. As a general rule, the stretchier the neoprene, the more comfortable but less durable it is. Our range includes: ​


YAMAMOTO #38: Highly durable

YAMAMOTO #39: Stretchy & comfortable

YAMAMOTO #45: Ultimate flex, comfort & warmth (Yamamoto's top of the range)

exterior fabric

The exterior fabric also has an impact on the flexibility & durability of a wetsuit. Our range includes: 

TUFFTEX: Highly durable & hard-wearing

MR7000: Flexible, soft & comfortable 

HECS STEALTHSCREEN PATENTED LINING: Flexible & durable fabric that contains a mesh of conductive carbon fibre, neutralising the human body’s electrical fields & making them virtually undetectable to marine life


Highly flexible, soft, comfortable & comes in great camo colours​​

open cell or closed cell

Open cell wetsuits are softer, more flexible & warmer than closed-cell wetsuits, but they are challenging to put on (you need to use lubricant), delicate & can tear easily. 

Closed cell wetsuits are more durable & easier to put on.

select from the drop-down options

Customise the thickness, colour and style of your wetsuit using the drop-down menus on the product page. The final price will appear at the top of the page once you have selected every option. When you're happy, click Add to Cart. 

add wetsuit


Add knife pockets, utility pockets and gear pockets to your custom wetsuit by choosing your pockets from the Add Dive Pockets menu, telling us where on your custom wetsuit you want us to put it, 

then Adding to Cart.

2. customise your wetsuit

3. send us your




click on the cart icon to

complete your purchase


After purchase you will be promoted to send us your measurements 

If you live nearby you are welcome to swing by our workshop to be measured by one of our team. Otherwise, it's easy to take your measurements at home

to send us your measurements, visit this page any time after purchase and follow the steps below

You will need: 

1. A 150cm measuring tape 

2. A friend to measure you


It's very important that you don't take the measurements yourself

first, watch this video

to see how to take your measurements properly

to get the most accurate measurements:

If you don't get the same measurement both times, keep measuring until you get a consistent measurement.

Do not measure yourself

Wear thin, tight-fitting clothing

e.g. sportswear

Hold the tape firmly against the body

Take each measurement twice


Click here to go to our online Measurement Form. Fill out the form as you take the measurements. 

When you've completed all of the fields, click Submit

You should receive an email confirming that we have received your measurements.

then fill out the measurement forM


Alternatively, you can download and print a hard-copy of the measurement form. Once you've completed the hard-copy form, scan it and email it to us at


& delivery

Good things take time 


It takes around 4 - 6 weeks from the date you send us your measurements for us to create a unique pattern for you and manufacture your wetsuit at our workshop

When we receive your measurements we will check over them to make sure that everything looks OK. If any measurements look a bit out of place, we will get in touch with you and ask you to check the measurement again.


Once we are happy with the measurements we will begin the process of creating a unique pattern for you and manufacturing your wetsuit at our workshop.

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