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custom wetsuit


We can screenprint your logos, your sponsor's logos and artwork on your wetsuits, no matter whether it's a new Seaquel custom wetsuit or an old wetsuit manufactured by someone else. 

neoprene products


 Our factory in Auckland is set up to manufacture almost anything out of neoprene. We work with a variety of customers to make lots of interesting neoprene products, including boat engine covers, fender covers, sports straps, prosthetic covers, stubbie holders, camera covers and special gear pockets. 


 REPAIRs & alterations



We repair and alter all brands of diving, surfing and ocean swimming wetsuits. Because we have full manufacturing facilities at our workshop we can perform most repairs and alterations, and usually at a reasonable cost. Repair, don’t replace, is part of our mantra. We do the official warranty repairs for O'Neill, Patagonia, Blue Seventy, Swim T3, Hurley, Billabong, Beauchat and Mares.



Bulk up

We make bulk orders for many tourism operators (e.g. caving, rafting, canyoning), schools, surf schools, swim schools, outdoor education programs, Surf Lifesaving Clubs, sports teams, movie productions and stage productions.

who we make for

Nick Andreef

Waitomo Adventures 

"Given that our extreme adventure caving activities are also just an excuse for daily “wetsuit destruction parties”, our brief to Seaquel was to design and make us “a neoprene suit of armour for underground mountain climbing”. They worked with us and came through with outstandingly successful results. We’ve been with them now for 30 years and consider ourselves most fortunate to have a supplier of this calibre."

Rob Henry

River Valley Ventures 

"We have found the suits have been excellent. They take a large amount of punishment being out on the river each day and come through with flying colours." 

Steve and Riley Hathaway

Young Ocean Explorers

"Thanks Seaquel for the fantastic suits you've made for Young Ocean Explorers - we've always appreciated your excellent service and quality products....there's nothing like a custom-made suit." 


Raglan Rock

 "Seaquel Wetsuits do more than  just the job - they use the latest materials to ensure the buyer receives a quality product and provide an outstanding service in the process. What ever you need they can deliver, from extra kevlar padding through to repairs and more. Lastly and most importantly is the trust and friendship they genuinely extend to you as a customer. "

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