Comes with HECS Stealthscreen gloves, boots and hood (integrated or separate) for full body HECS Stealthscreen coverage


Our ultimate two-piece suit, built with Yamamoto's top-of-the-range #45 neoprene, known for its incredible warmth, comfort, flex and durability, and lined with a revolutionary exterior that is not only durable but is embedded with HECS Stealthscreen technology to bring you closer to marine life.


HECS Stealthscreen technology incorporates the "Faraday cage" principle into the outer fabric of the wetsuit to make your body's electrical signals virtually undetectable to marine life. The wetsuit fabric contains a mesh of conductive carbon fibre which neutralises the human body’s electrical fields, allowing you to get closer to marine life more than you ever imagined.


Our custom HECS wetsuits are fully customisable. In addition to the options on this page, you can add knife pockets and utility pockets to your custom wetsuit by choosing from the Add Dive Pockets menu on the DIVE products page, telling us where on your custom wetsuit you'd like us to put them, and adding them to your cart.



  • 100% Japanese Yamamoto #45 neoprene
  • HECS Stealthscreen revolutionary patented technology
  • 5mm or 7mm warmth (totals 10mm or 14mm on your core)
  • Separate hood or fully integrated hood
  • HECS Stealthscreen gloves and boots 
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams
  • Ankle zips with batwing seals
  • Smoothskin bib on long john for comfort and warmth
  • Spine pad
  • Heavy-duty YKK jacket zip
  • Made in New Zealand

HECS Stealthscreen® Custom Two Piece (incl. gloves, boots & hood)



    The Problem: Many Marine Species Can Detect Human Energy Fields  
    Diving professionals know that it can be difficult to approach many marine species, no matter how carefully you swim or camouflage yourself. Many marine species are known to be sensitive to the electrical signals given off by living organisms and science is discovering more relevance to these fields in many more species every year.   


    The human body generates electricity during muscle movement - particularly the heart and large muscles like glutes, lats, and quads. Even though the human energy signature is small, it can still be detected by marine species who take flight when approached. 


    The Answer? HECS Patented Stealthscreen Technology  
    To address this electroreception problem for diving professionals, HECS Aquatic developed a patented Stealthscreen technologythat incorporated the “Faraday cage principle" into the fabric of the wetsuit. The HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit contains a mesh of conductive carbon fibre which neutralises the human body’s electrical fields. The HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit conceals the human energy field, allowing you to get closer to marine life more than you ever imagined.  

  • Good things take time. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date you send us your measurements for us to make a unique pattern just for you and manufacture your wetsuit at our factory in Auckland.


    You can opt to pick up your suit from our factory or have it delivered. We deliver by courier within New Zealand ($10.00 flat fee) and International Air to Australia ($60.00 flat fee). We can also deliver to any DHL location; please contact us for an estimate of delivery costs and payment options.